Enrollment Opportunity for Grades 10 & 11

Enrollment Opportunity for College Credit
Posted on 11/03/2021

Enrollment Opportunity for Students Currently in Grades 10 and 11

Want to earn a college credit in high school, save tuition money, and learn about a fascinating subject--YOU?  Enroll in AP Psychology or General Psychology for the 2022-2023 school year.  These classes are open to Juniors and Seniors, there are no prerequisite classes, and you may take more than one of these courses during high school.  On November 29 and December 6 in ELO, students will be selecting classes they want to take for next school year.  Consider taking one of these classes:

Psychology is a 1-semester high school level course that includes both practical information that you need to live a mentally healthy life as well as college-prep material to get you ready for a college introductory psychology class.

AP Psychology is a 2-semester course with a college-level textbook that prepares you to take the AP exam and earn possible college credit* for less money ($96**) if you score a 3, 4, or 5 on the exam.

General Psychology is a 1-semester dual credit course.  If you achieve a passing grade, you will receive a .5 high school credit and 3 transferable college credits from Hutchinson Community College (for $310**--a reduced rate for high school students).  YOU MUST PAY THE TUITION IN ORDER TO TAKE THIS CLASS.  (NOTE:  If you attend HCC after graduation, they will discount your tuition rate by the amount you paid for this class, so you will be getting the credits for free.)

*Check the college’s website for information about AP credit policies.

**For comparison purposes, the 3-credit-hour general psychology course at K-State would cost approximately $937.

For more information, contact Linda Jones at linda.jones@staff.usd305.com or call 785-309-3597