Where Are They Now?

Megan Vaupel, a CHS 2006 graduate works at SeaWorld San Antonio. Currently working with pinnipeds (seal, sea lions and otters) she has also worked with orca, dolphins, and walruses as well. In her internships she worked with birds and manatees. Now a senior trainer, Megan continued her post-secondary education at Butler University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (Behavioral) and a minor in biology. Who knew this is a career option for Psychology majors!

While in high school, Megan swam in the South HS pool every year, which became a major factor in her passing the SeaWorld swim test and acquiring her job.
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Megan and walrus





in the water

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Lydia Newquist
A Salina South graduate, Lydia now teaches math at WICHITA SOUTH High School.