Teacher of the Month

2019 - 2020 Teachers of the Month

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Feburary Mike Kilgore.
January Thomas DeWitt
December Jessica Putman
November Maggie Corcoran
October Michael Hair
September Steve Rivers


Mike Kilgore.

Central High School's Teacher of the Month is Mike Kilgore. He has been teaching a total of 8 years with all of those at Central High where he teaches Cabinet Making I, II and III. Mike says he chose teaching as his profession because he wanted to inspire students. He says his inspiration was his high school shop teacher. Mike says he enjoys having opportunities at Central to become involved. The part of teaching Mike enjoys the most is when a student looks at his finished project and says that they built it with a smile.



Thomas DeWitt

Central High School's January 2020 Teacher of the Month is Thomas DeWitt. He has been teaching a total of 5 years and this is his first year at Central High where he teaches science. Thomas chose teaching as his profession because of the great teachers who inspired him as he went through school Thomas says his favorite subject in school was history. Thomas also says the part of teaching he enjoys the most is watching the students grow as people.


Jessica Putman

Central High School's December 2019 Teacher of the Month is Jessica Putman. She has been teaching a total of 9 years and this is her seventh year at Salina Central where she teaches health, P.E. and nutrition and wellness. Jessica chose teaching as her profession because she wanted to make an impact on young minds, like many of her teachers and coaches did for her at Central when she attended there. Jessica says she loves all three classes that she teaches and she learns something new everyday from her students. Jessica says she enjoys building relationships with students and watching them in all their successes: big or small. Her message is to always be willing to continue to learn.


Maggie Corcoran

Central High School's November 2019 Teacher of the Month is Maggie Corcoran. She has been teaching a total of 9 years and this is her second year at Salina Central where she teaches English. Maggie chose teaching as her profession because she comes from a family of educators and they all loved their jobs. Maggie says she loves to teach 9th and 10th graders because they make her laugh on a daily basis. She would like to give a shout out to her 12th grade ELO-Corcoran's Crew. Maggie says she enjoys getting to be creative with her teaching and she is very impressed with the level of education she has seen in Salina and the community should be proud of what they have built. 


Michael Hair

Central High School's October 2019 Teacher of the Month is Michael Hair. He teaches CAD, engineering and architecture at Central High, where he has been teaching for 13 years. Michael chose teaching as his career because he really enjoyed his experience with industrial arts in high school and wanted to inspire others to follow a similar career path. Michael says he has 4 excellent colleagues to work with all day in the industrial technical department. He says he enjoys watching students overcome the many obstacles and challenges associated with completing their engineering and architecture project through the year. Michael’s message to parents is to be as involved as you can with your child’s education, ask them about their day and communicate with teachers. 


Steve Rivers

Central High School's September 2019 Teacher of the Month is Steve Rivers. He has been in public education for 34 years. He enjoys serving others and motivating them to be the best they can be, so they may give back to their community. What Mr. Rivers enjoys best about school is there is always exciting things happening! He also enjoys how staff work together as a team/school community to create a positive school culture. The best part of teaching for him is when his students take what they have learned and apply it in real life situations. Mr. Rivers message to parents and the community is to teach your childresn to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and do the right thing even when no one is looking.