Cruise Into Career Cruising - Get Started!

How To Log In To Career Cruising

Sharing My Plan/Portfolio With Parents
Through the Parent Portal, parents or guardians of a student with a Career Cruising account can view their student's goals, interests, achievements, and experiences and track their student's plans and progress.

Reflect & Confirm Feature
Each year as students navigate school, the portfolio progress will be reset. Students must complete the sections and at the end of each section they will need to reflect and confirm the information they have entered into their portfolio. Without completing this step the portfolio will appear incomplete.

Career and Life Goals/ Short and Long Term Goals
Students add new Career and Life Goals each semester starting in 9th grade to portfolio. Think about your short and long term goals. Evaluate them each year and add to them each semester.

Career Matchmaker
The Matchmaker may be taken numerous times or you can always review and change your answers. As the questions are answered, they become more specific and will move from broad career suggestions to more specific suggestions based on how the questions are answered. Career suggestions populate based on likes vs dislkes and the key aspects of the career.

Navigating My Journal
Students add 1 Journal Entry Experience each year starting 9th grade year to portfolio.
At the end of each school year, reflect back upon your experiences in classes, information you have learned, field trips you have taken and career experiences and record that information.

Planning Timeline
Planning timeline helps give you a general guideline of steps you should foolow while preparing for college.

My Skills
As you move through high school, you will increase your skill sets. They way you answer the My Skills questions will change from the 10th grade year to the way you answer the questions as a 12th grade student. You can review and change your answers at any time.

Learning Styles
Do you know your personal learning style? Are you able to learn better by listening (auditory), watching (visual) or by participating (tactile/kinestetic)? This short activity will help you discover the your learning style. Something to think about: Does your learning style match your career interest?

The Financial Aid Selector in Career Cruising
This section of Career Cruising will help you begin the Federal Financial Aid process, plus here you will find links to scholarships - national and local.

Navigating the Scholarship Tracker
Using the Scholarship Tracker can help you keep track of what you have completed and what you need to complete in the scholarship process.

Saving Careers in Careers Cruising
8th grade save 3, 9th - 12th save 6 total.
Career Cruising provides another way to search for careers you want to explore.

The Career Selector in Career Cruising
Another way to find career options. This section also includes a great selector for Military careers.

Saving Majors in Career Cruising
This section of Career Cruising helps you find college majors associated with your career choices.

The School Selector in Career Cruising
10th grade students save a total of 2 schools and 11th grade have a total of 3 schools saved. Not sure what to do post-high school? Check out anotehr way to find Career and Technical Colleges, Community Colleges, Four-year colleges, Public Colleges, Private Colleges...there is an abundant amount of information available.

Saving Schools in Career Cruising
10th grade save a total of 2, 11th grade total of 3 saved
Not sure what your post-secondary plan will be? Will it include more education? Explore the many choices that are available to you after high school.

Completing Post-Secondary Plan
A final place to look at your Career, Education and Financial plans.

Entering Extracurricular Activities
Students add 1 Extracurricular Activity each year starting 9th grade year to portfolio. Keep track of activities beyond the school day. You can use this information in the resume builder portion of the Career Cruising program.

Entering Volunteer Experience
Students add 2 Volunteer Experience hours each year starting 9th grade year to portfolio. Give back to your community and keep track of your experiences. This information will be help build your resume.

My Saved Clusters
To be completed after Career Matchmaker and My Skills is complete.
Career clusters are based on the 16 nationally recognized career areas. Saving Career Clusters to your plan is just another way to explore more career options and ideas.

Navigating Work Experience
Record your work experience in career cruising. This information will help to build your resume which is included in the program.

Entering Awards and Certificates
Students add awards and certificates earned each year starting 9th grade year to portfolio.
Keep track of awards and certificates that you have earned. This information will help build your resume.

Recording Skills & Abilities
This section of the portfolio allows you to list skills and abilities you have acquired through school and extracurricular activities. You can include computer skills, personal attributes and language skills.

Navigating Employment and Resume Feature
This section of Career Cruising allows you to search job postings, get tips on conducting an effective work search, and build and create a resume.

Senior Instructions: How to change your email address before graduation in Career Cruising
Seniors you will need to change your email address so that you are able to continue to access Career Cruising after high school.

Campus Visit Report Feature
This section of the portfolio allows you to track, record and rate each of the campuses you visit.

College Application Tracker Feature
This section of the portfolio allows you to organize and manage your college applications.

Personal College Profile
This section of the portfolio is intended to help teachers and counselors learn more about you and your goals.

How to use Course Planner
Plan your high school courses from grade 9 through grade 12. Be intentional and deliberate in your course choices. Review your career interests and find classes that relate to your interest area.

Saving Hobbies & Interests
This section of the portfolio allows you to save hobbies & interests.

Education History
This section of the portfolio allows you to enter education history. This may be used to help create a resume.