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Performance Based Diploma

What is PBD?

The Performance Based Diploma is an alternative program designed to keep students in school to earn a high school diploma. Students who participate in the program are expected to master the curriculum as prescribed by the USD 305 Board of Education at an 80% level. Therefore there are performance standards which must be mastered in writing, reading, math, and social studies.

The program consists of two components. The first component of credit completion is the on-line computer-assisted instruction which has been developed by E2020 Learning Systems. The second component of credit completion involves off-line work. This work covers the essential objectives which are not covered by the on-line lessons. This varies with each core course and additionally all work must be completed at an 80% mastery level.

PBD Components


. Individualized computer assisted instruction in the areas of English, math, and social studies.

. Higher level thinking and problem solving skills are emphasized

. Computer activities will be combined with off-line projects which can be applied to real life situations


. Courses in areas of career interest

. Emphasis on basic workplace skills


. Self-improvement

. Goal setting/decision making

. Workspace basic skills: promptness, reliability, etc.


. Supportive relationship with an adult who is a positive role model

Benefits of PBD

. Participating students stay in school and receive their high school diplomas

. Successful students graduate with employable skills necessary to contribute to the community's economy

Who is Eligible for PBD?

. Students who have not achieved success in the traditional high school setting

. Students who have a shortage of credits toward high school graduation

. Students who have been retained one or more years during their school career, or are one or more years older than the normal grade age

. Students who have achievement test scores below the 30th percentile in language arts, reading, or math

For more information please call:

Lacey Brooks

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