Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias Cast

Sarah Hazelton is a senior at Salina Central who enjoys theatre and pickles. When she isn't on stage, she is most likely stage managing, playing the marimba or hanging out with her leopard gecko, Marcel and the dogs, Sami and Chloe. As this is her last year here, Sarah feels very proud to have been apart of everything this Troupe has accomplished together. She would like to thank her mom for always supporting her and Mr. Nulik for pushing her to achieve her goals. "Enjoy the show friends!"

Alora Nesting is a junior and a member of Troupe 639. Outside of school she enjoys playing her violin, hanging out with her mom and making fun of cheesy movies, and hanging out with her little cat, Jigsaw. She is very excited to have her first role in a mainstage show. "Everything about this show is beautifully funny! I'm excited to share with everyone how wonderfully crazy these southern ladies are. Enjoy the show!"

Audrey Burgoon is a junior at Salina Central. She is on the Troupe 639 Exec board and is currently serving a two year term as a Kansas State Thespian officer. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her friends, hanging with her dog Macey, and eating Chinese food. She hopes you will be able to find a bit of you and your friends in these crazy southern gals.

Reed Mattek is a senior this year. She's previously been in "The Mousetrap," "Big Fish," and other productions in the Central Theatre Department. In her free time, she enjoys taking pictures of her cat, Albert; eating #12s from Jimmy John's; and playing Rummy with her friends. She's really glad she can be apart of this show for her final year of highschool and is icredibly proud of these girls. GIRL POWER! Follow me on twitter @reedelizabeth_ :)

Annie Taggart is a junior at Salina Central. She has loved theatre ever since she was young, and can't believe she gets to be a part of this amazing show. Outside of theatre, Annie enjoys spending time with friends, working as a barista, and hangin' out with her pup, Cash. Annie wants to thank all of the amaziing directors that taught her everything she knows up to this point, and that she wouldn't be here without their guidance.

Bradyn Houltberg is a Junior and is an exec board member of Troupe 639. She loves singing, dancing, acting, hanging out with her friends, and her boi, Ethan Badders.
"I hope you think this show is hair rasing!"